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Aron Electrical Construction

Hard work and cooperation

We have known Elijah now for about 6 years and have had Aron Electric doing our work exclusively for about 3-4 years. I like the electrical work on my jobs to be very clean and tight and the work areas to be kept the same. Elijah makes sure that all of this is done for our company when he does work for us. I'm very appreciative of this. Thanks Elijah for your hard work and cooperation.

Roger Walters Walters Enterprises Inc.
DBA Vision Custom Homes

Great work ethic

I want to take this time to let you know how much I have appreciated you on our job sites. I have worked with several electrical contractors and have pulled my hair out with no shows, late shows, and broken promises. You, on the other hand, have a great work ethic. You show up when you are suppose to, work hard, and show an understanding of the job at hand, not just your part. You have even charged me less than your estimate of what a job would cost (even a written estimate). I look forward to a continued relationship with you and your company.

Tim Bottler Bottler & Bottler, LLC
DBA Precision Installations

Excellent quality customer service

I would like to recommend Ilie Aron to you and his electrical construction company. I have worked with him for over a year and I was impressed by integrity and quality of his work. I am a general contractor and I was truly happy with Ilie Aron and how he handled many difficult tasks, that he always provided excellent quality customer service. I think Ilie is a very hard worker, great problem solver, and very organized. Ilie was always willing to help and offered his assistance and contributed many awesome projects. He would be an asset to any general contractor, and I would recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Aleksandr Dudik DCS, LLC

Attention to detail

We have had a long term relationship with Aron Electrical Construction. Their quality of work, attention to detail and service to my clients consistently exceeds my expectations. They have been a wonderful partner to work with.

Kevin Pasion, President Greb’s Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
CCB #1281

High quality service at a fair price

I have used Aron Electrical for numerous occasions i.e. Washington Square Mall Auntie Anne's, Vancouver Westfield Cinnabon, Olympia Capital Mall Cinnabon, etc. I have relied on Aron Electrical for all of our electrical needs for many years. I trust Ilie, his employees and their workmanship. Aron Electrical delivers high quality service at a fair price. I would highly recommend Aron Electrical.

Dennis Kwon Marden Management, Inc.

Professional, friendly, and very informative

What a superior job Ilie and his crew did replacing the full breaker panel. The old panel was from the 70's when the house was remodeled. But, multiple neutral wires had the insulation melted due to mis-wiring. Having a background in computer electrical wiring my first thought was I can do this. After reconsidering, I called Ilie. One of the best phone calls I have made for a long time.

Ilie was professional, friendly, and very informative throughout the process. And his crew had the same attitude right along. Once completed my first thought was, this breaker panel could be used as a classroom example, taking a total disaster to a perfect finish. When the county inspector came to review the finished work, he found nothing to be corrected.

If you have electrical work to be done, Aron Electric is the company to call. Fair pricing, excellent work, and a great attitude from all.

Ilie, thank you for your work. You are #1 on my referral list for electrical work.

Bill Johnson John L Scott Sandy

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